Douglas Shrock -
Artist / Animator / Art director

Art director at Sega, Executive Artist for EA/Maxis
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These are some of the skills I offer: General animation, character animation, cinematography, low & high polygon modeling & resolution mapping, mapping textures, lighting, matchmoving, and compositing. I am experienced in areas of planning and setting objectives, asset management, and assessing skill and abilities of employees and assigning job duties accordingly. 
3DSMax, Maya, Lightwave, Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator, Motion Builder, Syntheyes, Gamebyro, Unreal, Ogre. 


Artist and animator,  NASA/Ames   1999 to Present 
I work with Dr. Chris McKay to depict various proposed space, Mars, and Earth missions. I work with him remotely and on site at the Ames facility. I have even designed a few parts of a proposed lunar probe. I have a letter of recommendation from Dr. Chris McKay of NASA/Ames.

Digital Tech Frontier Augmented Reality, modeller and animator, Phoenix, AZ   July 2010 to Present
Created Augmented Reality animations for a series of science and knowledge books for POPAR Books. Lifelike animations of insect, construction equipment and the solarsystem and space probes were created. Designed and pre-rendered full motion graphics for the 3D Virtual Reality interface technology company. Worked with hardware team on VR goggles to implement design and execute the concept

House of Fear movie studio CGI Director, Redruth, Cornwall, UK    January - May 2009
Acted as Interim CGI Director- Set-up CGI department by specifying hardware components and software requirements for rendering a first class finished product. Implemented CGI effects in 3D stereo footage. Designed and implemented computer animations and digital special effects for the upcoming 3D stereographic movie "Watchmen of Hellgate", depicting the city of London as it might appear in the year 2084.

Precision Intermedia, Fortuna, CA. Contract Artist and Designer   July 2007-December 2008 
Wrote and created 3D animated commercials for local and national television markets. Designed packaging and advertising for new products. Created company flying logos and developed branding identities. 


Art Director, BreakAway Games, Corpus Christi, TX        July 2006-March 2007 . 
Art director on "Pulse!!” a medical and surgical simulator funded by the US military and supported by Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins University hospitals. Managed and supervised 8 artists and animators by keeping timelines and project scheduling current. Authored art technical design documents and style guides. Organized and compiled work received from art team for review and revision. Created animations and converted motion capture files into completed animations. 

Art Director, SEGA of America, SF, CA    June 1999-May 2003 
Only artist working on 10six a massive multiplayer online game and designed all of the game art from maps to meshes. Created a series of futuristic tanks, weapons, and avatars.  Conceived and created an animated movie short based on the 10six premise and Designed many advertising support materials for 10six, such as posters, T-shirts, temporary tattoos, magazine covers and ads.
Now online as Planet Visitor

Model Builder & Animator, Digital Anvil, Austin, TX       March 1998-January 1999 
My responsibilities included revising and updating storyboards of game cut-scenes, creating and animating high-detail spacecraft, as well as special effects on the ‘Conquest’ game. 
Supervised up to 5 people directly at a time and supplied background images of nebula and other stellar phenomena for the movie, "Wing Commander", based on the popular game series from Origin.

Executive Artist, Maxis/EA, Walnut Creek, CA         February 1997-March 1998 
My responsibilities included direction of and coordination of projects and personnel, including managing and supervising artists and animators, aligning schedules to realistic timetables and deadlines, ensuring the availability of necessary tools and resources. Also trained artists on new tools and technology and implemented creation of and design of new in-house graphics tools. Participated in conceptual and preproduction meetings with NASA on SimMars project.

Published titles: SimCity 3000, Streets of SimCity, LunaSim, SimMars, Tony LaRussa Baseball 4, and SimSafari. On each of these I also did the opening video or splash screen. 

Senior Artist, Rainbow Studios, Phoenix, AZ        March 1992-July 1997 
I began at Rainbow doing flying logos and short animations for infomercials. I also was lead artist on the Hive, where I did about 70% of the ship and set design, and the modeling and animation. Led team of five artists and created 3D models and set designs. Worked with Amblin Studios during first year of 'Star Trek: Voyager' on ship design, concepts and environments. 

Published titles: The Hive, Air Havoc Controller, Cosmic Visions, The Audition, Deadly Tide. 

Freelance - Traditional Graphic Designer    1983 - 1992 
Worked at The New Times – Phoenix Arizona and the Yellow Pages - Phoenix Arizona, amongst many other clients. 


Model rocket designer, graphic artist  -  Quest Aerospace, Pagosa Springs, CO. 2009-2011
A manufacturer of model rocket kits, engines and accessories.  I designed their flagship model along with several other popular designs, and the 2010 catalog covers.

Model rocket designer, graphic artist  Apogee Model Rockets, Colorado Springs, CO. - 2001 - 2006
A manufacturer of model rocket kits, engines and accessories. 

2001-2002- Chairman, Kirker Creek Watershed Project- Pittsburg, CA 
Chaired meetings. Organized and facilitated meetings and tours with local industries to allow access and study of the wildlife and plant life on Pacific Gas & Electric's property. 
2001-2002- Commissioner, Community Advisory Commission Pittsburg, CA 
Attended City Council meetings as a representative of the Community Advisory Commission. 

1983-1985 - Associates degree, Collins Design College Tempe, AZ 

Peter Krueger, Precision Intermedia - 707-725-0804 
Tim VanMilligan, Apogee Model Rockets - 719-535-9335 
Dr. Chris McKay, NASA -